Erotic Romance

Beth Jamison had a rough start in life. She survived a childhood abduction, but her emotionally traumatic past still haunts her, and she suffers from anxiety and issues with intimacy. Beth doesn’t know it, but the man who kidnapped her has just been released early from prison. When Beth’s brother hires McIntyre Security, Inc. to protect Beth and conduct surveillance on her kidnapper, Beth has no idea she has secret bodyguards keeping her safe 24/7. With his money and good looks, CEO Shane McIntyre has never been short on feminine company, and he’s developed a reputation as a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” kind of guy. But everything changes when Shane meets Beth. Their mutual attraction is instant and intense, and Shane falls hard for Beth. Shane has his work cut out for him if he’s going to gain her trust and get past her fears before it’s too late. This alpha protector is determined to keep Beth safe, but he’s also determined to make her his.


After the tragic death of his beautiful wife, Nathan Randolph is looking for companionship and sex. Timid Darby Turner is twenty years his junior and inexperienced in love, confidence, and life.

This unlikely couple marries after a whirlwind courtship. Darby has fallen in love for sure, and Nathan encourages her to explore a dark sexuality with him. Moving to his majestic, Southern plantation home, Darby realizes she does not know her new husband at all. Soon Darby is competing with the memory of Nathan’s dead wife.

Can Darby win out against a memory, or will the past destroy her new love?


A sweet and sexy standalone from the author of House Rules!

I thought I had it all. The perfect man. The perfect life. The perfect everything. Until he left me on our honeymoon. My perfect life changed in the blink of an eye. I didn’t need a man. Getting laid whenever I wanted with no strings attached was better than a complicated relationship.

But my hate for men soon changed the day Drake strolled into my bakery. All muscles and ink, with a sexy, charming personality, and a handsome face…That was it – I was done for.

Love complicates everything… but can it be the sweetest pleasure there is?


A standalone dark romance with no cliffhanger.
Book one of the Di Marco Bad Boy Billionaire Series.
This book contains strong language and sex.

“I had no time for distractions. Then she came along and was everything I wasn’t looking for in a woman – and if she thought she could see my soul she could go to hell, because I don’t have one.”

“I was lost, lonely and ready to leave this world. My reality hard and empty until I met him. He set out to break me – but you can’t break what’s already broken.”

Jayne lost everything due to her soft heart and romantic dreams. Desperate and alone she had one thing left – her job at the Di Marco hotel – and she was determined to keep it. But Mr. Di Marco had other ideas; his plan was to fire her and get her as far away from him as possible. But when she fell into his arms, his reaction changed everything.

Antonio Di Marco had it all due to hard work and smart business acumen. He was rich, powerful and surrounded by a family who loved him. His life was running smoothly until Jayne entered. When she stole his heart, he needed her as close to him as possible.

But the whirlwind that followed was one of love, lust and dark danger.
Her past threw them together.
His past tore them apart.
Until his secret was revealed.
Could she love the man he really was, or would she do what she always did? Run.
Could he change and be the man she wanted, or would he do what he always did? Kill.


A bad boy cop and a straight-laced student are about to go on the ride of their lives…

He’s the law, but she’s the one making the rules.

Graduate student Lucy wants order and predictability in her life. She always has a list to consult and a plan to execute.

Police officer Grayson wants to chase skirts and live free. He isn’t interested in being tied to one woman.

Until he meets her.

Lucy agrees to do ride alongs with Grayson as part of her thesis project, and all Grayson wants to do is handcuff her to his bed for a life sentence. Lucy isn’t so sure that Grayson fits her life plan.

Can Lucy resist Grayson’s arresting personality, or will Grayson be able to plead his case and make her his?

Dirty talk and an HEA.


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